 Annual Maintenance contracts  Repairs  Restabilization
 Domestic Waste Management Solutions.  Biogasification and Biodigester for Organic Waste.  Solutions for Non-Biodegradable Waste Management Including of Biodigesters, Biomethanation and Biocomposting
 Annual Maintenance contracts  Repairs  Restabilization
 Annual Maintenance contracts  Repairs  Restabilization
 Ready to Eat Packaged Foods with long shelf life.
 Pipeline design, Engineering and Installation Services.
 Nanoparticle-based paint additives for painting and corrosion control.
 Industrial Compliances related to State and Central Pollution Control Boards.  Research and Development Services.  Analytical Services fro water and waste water.

Annual Maintenance Contract for – STP, ETP and WTP

  1. Operation & Maintenance of treatment facilities for STP, ETP and WTP by Deputing manpower with relevant experience.
  2. Visit of the Technician/ Expert to ascertain the regular operation and maintenance of the STP, ETP and WTP once in a month.
  3. Operators shall carry dosing of required chemicals as per the optimum requirement for our guidelines & instructions.
  4. Responsibility to bring in to notice / inform to Facility management department about any damage / repairs to plant equipment / parts.
    Maintain the operating log books / Daily, monthly reports of the plant facility.
  5. Routine inspection of the plant
  6. Preparation & follow the preventive maintenance schedules of Equipment & electrical panel.
  7. Preparation of Safety checks of the plant & adherence / fulfilment to the compliance if any.
  8. Information about Electricity, utility & any specially chemicals & consumables required to run the plant will be supplied by party.
  9. Safe custody & security of plant equipments & chemicals at the site assigned by the party.
  10. Maintaining well protected workplace safe.


R&D Laboratory


Akshaya Innotech has an Inhouse lab for conducting research and development and testing of water and wastewater treatment systems and samples. The company is also Incubated in a WET Center a SIRO recognised center for excellence in water and Environment Technologies. The center is equipped with the state of the art facility, equipment to carry out the required tests. Having experienced team of Lab Chemists, Biologist and Microbiologists, We provide both Research and Development services, Testing and analytical services for all water needs.

1. Water testing for Drinking Purpose :

  • Standard analysis (Chemical + Microbiological)

2. Std.Sewage Analysis

3. Std.Effluent Analysis

4. Std .Water analysis for construction purpose

5. Treatability Studies.


Pollution Control Board Compliances


Akshaya Innotech also provides value added services in Pollution Control Board (PCB) compliances work which shall enable end user for getting services under one roof. The services are as under :

1. Environmental Clearance (EC) work

2. Environmental Audit

3. Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate

4. Environmental Statement (ES)

5. Air Pollution Monitoring

6. Water, Waste Water and Soil analysis

7. Statutory periodical submission – Water Cess report,Form IV – Under Hazardous Waste Rule 2008,Form V as per EPA guidelines.

8. Environmental Impact Assessment

9. Waste Handling Authorization – Hazardous, Biomedical, e-waste

10. Personal Training

11. Treatability Studies and Feasibility Report

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